About Us

STTRIVE Distinguishes itself as a market leading Outsourcing Company that commits itself in overcoming the challenges involved in today’s business world.

Our focus is on solving all your Human Resource requirements, efficiently, reliably and cost effective to you and your company.

We are your one stop destination to attaining the right talent for your company. We supply labor, managing transfers and payroll, between Client and Candidate.

Our Administrative support sector is market leading, and is able to reduce your cost to company considerably.

Sttrives focus on making sure to develop our staff’s skill sets by helping them to forward one’s self in teaching them new skills, helping them to progress in there working environment.

With our national Database of 5000+ candidates within Ghana, and our 15000+ candidates worldwide. We Pride ourselves in hiring Local, by developing people skills, in turn helping them to develop their communities.

We strive to bring people and companies together, there for bring unity between all.

Find the Solution That Best Fits Your Business