STRIVE prides itself in understanding what our client’s needs are and strategizing a means to overcome its hurdles. We bridge the gap between client and candidate and the stress of needing to manage pay role, labour disputes or any other labour related hurdles.

Outsourcing within the mining sector has grown substantially. This is due to two main challenges. Cost and acquisition as well as retention of skilled labour. This has been STTRIVE’s driving force to develop and strategies means to overcome these challenges and offer a service to our clients that meet the needs of both parties, reducing costs and litigation on the clients behalf , yet at the same time still fulfilling the needs of the employees job security and their legal standing within their working environment. Making sure to keep the mining corporation’s work force satisfied and productive.

STTRIVE's extensive database of personnel positions us to deliver unparalleled staffing solutions to the mining sector.

Our services also include Equipment supply and logistics, making sure to supply you with a fully comprehensive service.

From temporary to permanent staffing requirements. STTRIVE has got you covered.


Here are some of the positions that we supply. We are however not limited to these:

  • Semi-skilled labourers
  • All tradesmen / Artisans
  • Engineers
  • General engineering supervisors
  • Administration
  • Site clerks
  • Welders / Fabricators
  • Process workers
  • Safety managers / Advisors
  • Project managers
  • Site supervisors
  • Trade assistants / General labourers
  • Forklift operators / Crane drivers
  • Stores: Staff / Pickers / Packers
  • Riggers / Scaffolder

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